Special Effects

Additional Effects coming soon: Acid | Obamanate | Oil Painting | Pointillism | Vector

All special effects are applied by our highly talented graphic designers.

Equally as important as the effects applied to an image is the positioning of the images, which is why we leave that part up to you and have our graphic designers apply the detailed and sometimes complicated special effects better applied by an artist with years of experience.

Frame Options

Image Optimization

Image Optimization  ThumbLet our designers optimize your photos or artwork to ensure it lookts its best. We adjust contrast, sharpness, color saturation, red eye and other flaws in your photos at no extra cost to you.


digital proof imageDigital Proof

Receive a free optional digital proof right to your email inbox so you can see what your finished canvas will look like before its printed.

Please allow up to 2 business day for this free service. However, if you made all the adjustments yourself and are confident that your photo is just right, you can skip this step.

Special Instructions

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